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A complimentary consultation is done in your home to discuss your thoughts and expectations for your project. We review what type of changes you anticipate making, and how best to achieve them, such as:

  • Use of the space - we'll discuss the rooms and spaces in your home and assess whether they can be used in different ways to allow you to achieve the most benefit and pleasure from them

  • Wall color and flooring - we'll discuss whether these focal points of the space could be changed to achieve a new or different effect in the space

  • Furnishings - we'll discuss the furniture, window treatments and accessories of the space and determine whether to repurpose or reposition existing pieces, replace existing furnishings with something new, or a combination of both

  • Budgeting - we'll discuss the type of budget you have for the project and how best to achieve your desired goals while reviewing the many options for affordability

How Does It Work?


What Does It Cost?


After the complimentary consultation, a "Concept" diagram will be created for you, outlining specifically what changes are being suggested for your project, and providing you with a guideline of how to move forward and accomplish those changes.

  • Concept Fee $250

Once you have the Concept, you decide the best approach for you,

such as:

-- Whether you are doing it yourself with tasks such as painting, installing flooring, or hiring professional tradespersons.

-- Whether you will be retaining Affordable Design Consulting for further design assistance such as shopping for furnishings, window treatments, flooring and accessories, as well as arranging and overseeing tradespersons.


  • Hourly Retainer Fee: $70

Costs for all work performed in your home by tradesmen are contracted between you, and them, exclusively.

Affordable Design Consulting is ready to offer suggestions on referenced tradespersons.

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